WordPress driving me crazy

[General] (10.13.06, 12:24 pm)

So, I am using a severely (one might go so far as to say gutted) modified version of WordPress for this notebook system of mine. I daren’t call it a blog lest I get people expecting me to update more than once every couple of months (though I should more often if this is really to be a research notebook). WordPress likes to make things look very “nice”, which I am not really against. Just look at the proper quotation marks around “nice”. Aren’t they pretty?

So, anyway, WordPress likes to muck around with quotation marks, and as I discovered in the last post, makes it really hard to write embedded Javascript if I am interested in doing that. I didn’t want to put a full Java applet in a post, since many people’s browsers get all crazy if they see an applet. I’d much rather have a user push a button and then have the applet appear. Originally I wanted to do this fully embedded in the post, which caused all manner of problems, most of which involved having nice quotes around the javascript strings, or the strings that the javascript was printing out. Very persnickety.

Anyway, the script has been moved to an external file, and should be happy there. Please enjoy the finally working Java applet at a button-press.

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