Archive: February, 2007

General update and new art

[Art,General] (02.14.07, 3:55 pm)

Cipher textI’ve uploaded two Povray images. They’re not really all that recent, but I started working on the corresponding project relatively recently. The project involves architecture built around povray macros, so the idea is to have the architecture itself be as generated as possible. I’ve also been working some with generated cipher text, presumably to adorn the generated structures, but right now the cipher is only based on random numbers and not any real text.
I am also planning on, at some point in the near future, revising the interface for site somewhat, so that the left bar is more clear as a navigation tool.

Also in the near future I should be using the research category as a way to cover research materials, and summarize the various readings that I must inflict upon myself. We’ll see how that goes…