Archive: April 18th, 2008

Awaiting the tests ahead

[General] (04.18.08, 5:34 pm)

It’s actually been a very very long time since I’ve taken a test of any kind. This seems rather odd, since I’ve been a student for many years now. I think the last test I took was in my last undergraduate courses, which would have been in Spring 2004. Four years is a long time in that respect. Certainly others have suffered through worse, though, so I’m not trying to claim unique or special hardship, I just think it’s unusual.

This weekend will be the practice exam, then, on May 1st, will be the real thing. I’m nervous, but not scared, so that may be a good thing or a bad thing. We’ll see what happens after the practice.

Following that, I’ll have nice stuff to report on some research thoughts. I think that simulation and proceduralization as general concepts may have a substantial value to them, especially when it comes to deconstructing something into a model and then applying that model to the schematic of a game. These processes are transformations, and are creative by nature.

I’m not sure where the question of focus can enter the picture, certainly some things may be more focused than others. I could potentially entertain a large theory while giving as supporting examples various separated ideas, but I’m not sure if that would result in a thesis so much as a strangely shaped table. Who knows?

More later.