Archive: April 20th, 2008

Interesting app with Netbeans

[General] (04.20.08, 10:52 am)

I’ve been very font of Netbeans, and have just recently been getting into the wonderful world of module development. It’s fun and exciting stuff, but very complex. Netbeans modules aren’t necessarily the way for every project, but they certainly have some power behind them.

One of the applications that have been developed using the platform is blueMarine, and it has been on the Netbeans front page for a little while now. I haven’t dug into it yet, but it certainly looks nice and versatile, maybe enough so that I can make a full fledged app for Painter using it. Who knows? What is really fascinating though, is that they have published a huge design document for the whole thing! It uses UML and everything. Very swanky. There is still a lot that is missing and needs to be written, but the very thought that they would do such a thing is astounding. It shows a great attention to detail and usability, not just for end users, but for developers and designers. I haven’t looked through their source yet, but I can imagine that the design document would be hugely beneficial for doing so.

Maybe all projects ought to do something like that. Hmm….