Archive: June 17th, 2008


[Concerts,General] (06.17.08, 10:51 am)

I’ve been finding it hard to write about work related things, especially research related things, because over the past several weeks there has been very little time to devote to them. The primary reason for this is the move. Overall, the move has gone very well, and we are happy with the new apartment, but it is one of those things that is enormously taxing in terms of time and energy. We decided to hire professional movers, which, ultimately, I think was the correct decision. The process of moving our possessions (including no less than twenty boxes of books) into the truck took them a mere two hours, where in the past it has taken something on the order of six or eight. So, we’re all set, aside from needing to unpack, which will probably take another three months or so.

In other, more exciting news. We went to see Ladytron at the Variety Playhouse. It was extremely awesome. I shouted along to all of the songs I knew until at the end I could barely speak. They played a lot from their new CD, which is outstanding and ethereal, but, sadly, they did not play Blue Jeans. Woe is me.

More later when things settle down.