Archive: October 1st, 2008

Dimensions Film

[General] (10.01.08, 2:53 pm)

Every so often, I get the urge to do raytracing. Generally when this happens I’ll go to povray.org, or to Giles Tran’s Oyonale, and feel either inspired or inadequate, as the case may be. I found a link today to a film called Dimensions, which a beautifully rendered film about math released under the Creative Commons license.

What is remarkable about this is that it is a free, two-hour length, documentary style film about how math is beautiful, put together by three people, being distributed over the internet. What’s more, it’s uses POV-Ray, my favorite raytracer. The resulting video is impeccably crisp, and the animations are elegant and smooth. It is narrated quite well by someone with a pleasant Dutch accent, told over pleasing cello music.

It’s not perfect of course, but still, it’s pretty amazing.