[General] (01.13.09, 9:16 pm)

In addition to the reading that I’m doing (I need to read on average 5 books/works a week to take my next set of quals by April), there are a few other things on the burner. I want to give a review of these, primarily for keeping track of myself and for my own records.

  1. Finish the conclusion and post the cognition paper.
  2. Finish and post the Pride and Prejudice mechanics analysis.
  3. Revisit the scene analysis from the perspective of symbolic interaction and situation. I did a scene analysis a while back, of one of the arguably more complex and difficult scenes to express procedurally. Revisiting it now, I can see how it would fit in with a situational account of behavior and interaction.
  4. Devise a system to represent situated action within the scope of character simulation. What I really need here is an architecture, but nothing like this has been built before, so I’m flying somewhat blind. I have lots of ideas, and I want to clarify those ideas and I should post the thoughts that I am having as I progress.

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