Genetic Image: BlueShift

[Genetic Image] (04.09.09, 11:09 am)

I’m rather pleased with this one. It has an interesting balance of color, shapes, texture, and it also has a good diversity of light and dark areas. A lot of times, working with GeneticImage, the images come out very homogeneous and uniform. This is pleasingly different in that it has managed to carve out some clear forms while at the same time having a lot of visual information that is pleasing to look into. I have also uploaded the image’s genfile, so if you are so inclined, you can fire up GeneticImage and render it or mess with it in general. I’ve made one really big render (15000 pixels square), and am considering plugging it into some visualizer like Modest Maps or the Google Maps API to make it browsable.

Also, for those of you so interested, I am going to put up a set of notes on how the image is composed, what functions go into it, how they work, and so on.

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