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[Genetic Image,Projects] (09.11.09, 9:34 am)

I have started working on GeneticImage again. A long time ago, I started a secondary project, called Painter, which was an extension of the expression-generation of GeneticImage into a full-fledged code generation thing. Painter is very interesting, and has oodles of potential, but it’s not something I am capable of working on in full right now. On the other hand, I’ve been using GeneticImage off and on, creating fun new things with it from time to time.

I’m creating a Kenai project around it, so it will be interesting to see where that goes and how it works out.

My interest in working on the project again is primarily to improve it for how I use it, rather than general usability, which is something of a conflict of interests. Hopefully, it should be fun for people to peruse.

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