Archive: December 12th, 2007


[General,Genetic Image,Projects] (12.12.07, 10:52 pm)

I am re-writing GeneticImage.

GeneticImage was enormously successful as a project, but it is time to move on, pushing it in new and exciting and convoluted directions. GeneticImage is turning into a new project, Painter. Instead of having the evaluative model that GeneticImage has (wherein every point is evaluated with functions), Painter has a procedural, process oriented approach. Painter will actually draw to the canvas, doing brush strokes, and employing interesting procedural mechanics to make images. Painter is online as a Google code project: http://code.google.com/p/painter/

Painter is still far from being available or released, but I figured I’d make a post to say that I was working on something new.