Archive: September 22nd, 2008

A Thesis Neverending

[General,Research] (09.22.08, 7:48 pm)

It seems like every day I’m finding more and more reading material for my specials list. I need 150 works, and every time I take one out, I find two more that I really want to put in.

I think what is really taking place here is that I want to write not one, but two dissertations. The first covers narrative, fiction, adaptation, and cognitive models, and simulation at a conceptual level. The other is really an AI or CS thesis which focuses on AI, situated cognition, simulated and believable agents, and simulation as a methodology. Considering this, what may wind up happening is that I’d need to choose one or the other, or writing some magnificent and terrifying two-part monster. Either way, I am liable to spend the rest of my life in graduate school. Interesting things will happen, though. Sometimes it is hard to be patient.